Strange day for a Saturday

For some reason Barb likes to go to Lawrence to shop almost more than going to the west side of town on the Wanamaker Corridor. I think the only thing that Lawrence doesn't have is a Sam's Club. They will soon have two WalMarts and they have a Super Target with a grocery store. For dyslexic me, I always have trouble deciding if I am going to buy my 2x4s at Kohl's or Lowe's At least in Lawrence my only choice for now is Home Depot. One of my favorite places to eat there is Backyard Burger. They have an honest to god hamburger and chicken sandwich that is almost as good as mine.

There is a store there that carries most of the candy and tea from foreign countries. It isn't cheap but for the most part it is good. I really like a good licorice and Barb drinks a tea from there. I have been known to buy some chocolate and nuts bars but with Da' Barbs hitting weight watchers again I don't buy too much. The kids have introduced us to Poki that they like. It is unsalted pretzels dipped in chocolate. I would give it a five.

To end our evening, the neighbor to the south of us burned his field that borders on our woods. Barb is really careful to watch for fires getting down into the woods and getting out of hand. We went up on the fire line and watched until well after dark. We take our flashlights and shovels and watch for those fires that smoulder until a breeze makes them pop up. The yard still smells like a wood fire even though most of the fire is out. At least this time they had a crew with water tanks and came around to check for hot spots. The last time we had to call the fire department the next day for small fires that jumped up. The wood timber fence posts were the worst to have a fire deep down inside and then fan itself up when the air starter moving. I also found a deer stand with a corn pile directly in line with our house.

So far two o f the six BIG XII teams have gone by the side of the road. I'll be watching today to see if Kansas and Missouri can move forward or come home. This is a fun time for me to watch all those young men playing a game for all the marbles. Win or go home. I am still mad at the Networks for switching to another game to watch a final and then not going back to wrap up something that we watched for an hour and 45 minutes. At least my brother put me on to NCAA.com and I can watch a game clear to the end no matter what the network does. It is a little maddening when they go away and then come back because of the delay. Watching a game and its almost two minute delay is strange.

Reminds me of a joke. A guy walks into a bar and sees a news coverage of a guy standing on a ledge 20 stories up in the air. He bets the blond barmaid $20 that the guy jumps. She accepts the bet and sure enough the guy jumps. The guy admits that he had been just down the street and had seen the guy jump so he didn't feel like he could really take her money. She said it was OK. She had seen the event live and didn't think the guy was stupid enough to jump a second time.



  1. I love black licorice and so does my brother. Sometimes he orders it online from all over the world. He has a goal of finding the absolute best black licorice or something.

    The Super Walmart near us has the Poki and so does Dillon's, I think. It's in the Asian food section. Na says she has tried them and really likes them.

  2. So far, my favorite licorice seems to be made in Australia. It is moist, chewey and habbit forming.
    I know it all goes back to my childhood when I could buy a licorice whip for a penny and savor the taste. MUD

  3. Hi MUD,

    I came over from Flea's blog. I'm one of those sloooow bloggers who writes and checks in about three times a week. Yeah, well, take it or leave it I guess.

    Anyway, I haven't had Pocki in quite awhile, but I used to like those sticks quite a bit when I lived in Japan.

    As for the joke, well, I laughed. That probably makes me the dumb bar maid in that story.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend for you all.

    Can I get a mailing address, send you some coffee? :)