What Do Your Read?

In my younger days, I read everything I could. Back in the 20/20 days I could read for hours and loved every minute of it. Granted, that my reading started before we had TV and for a long time there were only three stations. The first week of school, I would read the history book and the science book and seldom crack them again. I could get D's and that was passing. I spent my reading time in the Library and reading a book a day was the minimum.

Over the years my eyesight started slowing down and I'll be the first to admit that all the reading I had to do at work kept me about as busy as my eyes could stand. I did love to read a few adventure "Faction" novels. You know, the stories based around facts but purely fiction. Slog through a Michener book and you will understand. I read the Source and Hawaii on the way to Viet nam. 17 days on a boat with little else to do.

Today I find myself drawn into W.E.B. Griffin books and love the adventure. Yes, I think we all see ourselves as the rich adventurer off on another grand time. I know the reality of adventure is that there are times when a grand adventure dips you into the deep shit and people shoot at you. Been there and Done that.

On the other hand, Barb reads a lot of books that are mystery based. The Hero or main character is out there solving crimes and putting the bad guys in jail. I read some of the books but every once in a while I find myself reading the latest Janet Evanovich saga of Stephanie Plum.

Since I was in the 9th grade, I have read the paper as often as I can. I don't particularly like USA Today as it seems to be a lot of facts without a personal touch. I don't agree with idiots very often but I do enjoy reading some of their ideas. I also read a wide range of blogs and enjoy the diversity.

I often question myself about the source of my thoughts and beliefs. Did I shape them from what I read or do I read to reinforce my feelings? I am not sure I care.

What do your read? Or, back when there were real cards and you played solitare did you cheat? Did you slip one card behind the deck and play again when there were no more plays? Did you play to play or play to win?



  1. I always felt guilty cheating--even at solitaire--so I never did. Once, in German class, there was this cute boy who sat behind me, and I gave him a few answers on a test. I felt so awful about that, and typing it now I still feel ashamed. I did marry that cute boy. I don't think giving him the answers won him over, though, since he never asked me out until two years later.

    I mostly enjoy fiction. I read some non-fiction, too, but it is hard work most of the time. If it is non-fiction that I'm not extremely interested in, it will put me to sleep within a paragraph or two. I think trying to read boring non-fiction has seriously hampered my book a week goal lately. I'm reading a book about friggin' algebra right now--my second. I'd prescribe this book for any insomniacs out there. I do like reading National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine. I like a good memoir or biography, but it must be about an interesting person or written in a humorous and entertaining manner. I find history and science very interesting, but some writers really know how to kill the joy of learning about those subjects.

    Danny very rarely reads fiction and doesn't care much for it at all. He does read a lot, but it is almost exclusively biblical related stuff. Do you know that struggling German student who never read an entire book during high school is quite the biblical Greek scholar?

  2. I read EVERYTHING. My favorite books to read all come from David McCullough, though.

  3. I read just about everything I can get my hands on - my favorite books are American West history (pioneers) and mystery/drama types. I usually prefer fiction over non-fiction.

    My favorite magazines are Nat Geo and a magazine that's produced by the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Ok City. It's called "Persimmon Hill" and is loaded with great stories as well as photography, and many pictures and descriptions of what's on display in the former "Cowboy Hall of Fame". That's where I learned that the theme to Gunsmoke actually has words.

  4. The one thing my parents gave me was a love of reading, I will read anything and everything. My favorites are usually fiction and mysteries being on the top of that list. I am a little embarresed to admit that I could not get enough of the Twilight series, I guess I have a thing for vampires. Oh and yep I definatly cheated at Solitaire it was my game after all.

  5. I don't cheat in solitaire. Just can't do it.

    I read apologetics, biographies, occasional novel (tried a Stephen King this weekend and just couldn't do it!), occasional fantasy novel,occasional mystery. Hate chick lit. Love Dave Barry. Love young adult novels - the well written ones. Still discovering some of the classics. Love C.S. Lewis. His space trilogy rocks.