Things I Love

Hard Headed Dachshunds

These are a few of the things I love:

  • Start with my family. I love being a father and can rescue my son when he runs out of gas. I love it when they eat my cooking and even brag a little about it.
  • There is one topic that almost deserves its own blog and that is food. In my list of food I like there is a check mark for yes. For the list about food I love, it is long and complicated. I have never met a rack of baby back ribs that I didn't want to eat. Put a pot of beans and make some cornbread and I'll be there. Almost all meat grilled in the Weber Grill with some hickory wood for smoke.
  • A good book just makes my day. I have started to slow down in my reading but mostly because I am spending more time blogging than reading.
  • Give me a junkyard of old cars and my visions turn to making a good ride out of other people's cast offs. I think I like them the most because I can fix them. One of the new cars conk out and you have to haul it to the dealer and plug it in to the computer. I really wouldn't mind that so much but they charge you $80.00 to plug it in and then charge you to fix it.
  • A long discussion with my pal Ken. Sitting outside and talking is just one great way to spend the afternoon. We have had some good discussions while working but seems like work gets in the way of a good discussion. After all, we aren't as young as we once were.
  • Most college level sports. I wouldn't walk across the street for a professional wrestling match but I love the college sport. You know that I am a round ball fan and will watch the professionals once the NCAA playoffs have concluded. Did I mention that I do not love baseball? Loved to play it, hate to watch.
  • I love reading other people's blogs. I have a wide diverse group of blogs I read. There is Two Dogs down in Mississippi (I Love to type that word) that just lights me up to my pals who talk about things here in the Heartland that I love. Jenni's Prairie Air just makes my day. Then where would my day be if there was no new pictures of Austin on the Kirkland blog.
  • I think that from the beginning of my days, I have loved to travel. Miles of miles behind the wheel watching the world go by is just fine by me. I do need to update my road machine so I can have one dependable and not too expensive to drive. I don't mind flying places but seems like a lot of fuss by the time I have to rent a car and turn it back in.
  • Did I mention dogs are just about the best? I seem to have a way with them and they can sense that I mean them no harm. Yes, I have been bitten but I am a lot smarter about dogs now than I was when I was young. I can abide cats but they can't be "in the house" cats cause i can't abide litter pans.
  • I love smart people and a good discussion. I almost can't abide fools. If you like somebody, convince me about them and why I should. I do tend to judge a book by its cover and the deeds of the person. What you do is more important than what you say.
  • I love it when spell checker tells me I have written an entire column and there are no misspellings. It doesn't happen but I would love it if it did.

Enough of this for today. Move on Petty!



  1. I'm glad you enjoy my blog because I surely do enjoy coming here and reading what you have to say:o)

    Food, travel, blogs, and books are all things I love. Don't trust spell check completely. I swear it tells me I'm wrong all the time when I know I am right.

  2. My old long-hair was named "Maggie." I miss her, she was a sweet dog.

    Food-yes. Working on cars-no. I quit doing that crap after I made the mistake of buying an MG Midget. Goodness, the Brits can screw up a good thing.

    I'll trade you the basketball for the baseball, too. You can have every single roundball team in my state, but since I'm a very generous sort, you can keep those DAMN Royals, too. (Yeah, I know they are in Mizzou.)

  3. I love those things too! Well, I don't get that excited about cars but everything else is on my list!