The President on Leno

I do think some of the questions asked by Jay Leno to the President were "Softballs", but what would you expect. The first time the leader of our Nation comes on a talk program, you wouldn't expect it to be the Maury Povitch show. All in all, the President did a good job and I think that what we got was what we expected. If you like him, you liked his answers. If you were Rush you would focus on the fact that he has a mild stammer sometimes. Compared to the delivery of the previous president he is a gifted speaker. I guess no one really expects the President to do a forward 2 1/2 in to a crystal ball and tell us when we can all look up again and it will all be better. I didn't need to know when the new dog was going to arrive but hey, I'll bet his daughters do.

My concern remains that we solved the biggest problem by throwing money at it in quantities without fully understanding that when the 140 or 160 million dollars promised as bonuses to their managers by AIG would raise a stink. If it had been an extra $150.00 it would have been too much. Everyone in that organization needs to have a cut in pay and be damned glad they even have a job. Clearly the President had a good idea of what caused AIG to fail in the manner it did. A good leader stands by his subordinates and I was happy to hear his discussion of his treasury secretary. Now so long as that guy doesn't get thrown under a bus next week I'll try to be more supportive of the president.

At the point that the President said he was also going to move forward on Health Care and Education, I wish that Jay would have asked if now was really the time to spend more money on such issues. I really would like to hear how he expects to get closer to a balanced budget and take on two new financing projects.

Did you hear that the need for new cars is about 14 million and the production is only 9 million? In some cases you can buy a new car cheaper than the same model used. I have been looking at cars and that fact hit me square in the middle of my computations. The new car is probably a stripped down model and the used probably had a lot of options but I want fancy and cheap.

Oh well, today is the first day of KU's run in the Post Season NCAA Div I Men's basketball Tournament. I hope they play well and continue to play for a couple of weekends. No, they aren't defending their title of a year ago. That is NC's job. This group of Jayhawks were watchers and in a lot of cases High School students last year.

Have a great day out there.



  1. Go Blue!!

    Actually a Wake Fan....

  2. ah, March Madness. It's exactly what I need while the snow outside refuses to melt.
    I was concerned about Obama's off the cuff "special olympics" comment, but pleased that he apologized immediately for the slight. He's a good man.