I Call BS on the Today Show

The Today show brought on a very angry black man today and he railed about the fact the Republicans controlled the last 8 years and that is the cause of all our problems. He then said the Republicans are obstructionists and blocking all the good moves the congress is doing now.

First of all, Ask Nancy Pelosi Galore who has been the speaker of the house for two years. Ask Harry Reid who has been the Majority leader of the senate for the same period. The President is responsible for setting the budget, it is the congress that allocates the money and controls the spending. They are the part of our government that controls the money.

If the Republicans are obstructionist, how the hell has the Congress authorized well over a Trillion dollars in new spending in the past month. If they were obstructed, what the hell would they have done without someone calling for spending that makes sense. To me, spending money on pork projects and talking about raising the taxes on the 20% that pays the tax bill is not responsible. The Today show is so full of it that they should fail.

I just love that somehow Rush Limbaugh has been labeled the leader of the Republican party. Rush is an entertainer and gets to say almost anything without being held responsible. He can blame those pesky liberals, the Mexicans, the Congress and those litigating Lawyers for all our problems. In fact, the entire problem belongs to all of us and name calling or blame placing only takes the responsibility off of our shoulders.

If anyone wants a target date for the failure, go back to October 2007 and look at the Stock Market prices. In the time the Democrats have been in charge we have been heading down. I think the responsible thing to do is for everyone in Congress to not get re-elected during the next cycle unless they have been a part of the solution and can prove it. Spending the money of our grandchildren is not my answer. Bull Shit on the Today show. They know what it means.

I noticed that the counter on the side of my blog has hit 19,000 hits today. I want to thank all of you that have been stopping in to see if I have written a rant or a rave.



  1. 19,000 is a lot of people! Congratulations. :)

  2. Yes, WAY TO GO MUD!

  3. Last night I watched about 5 minutes of The Daily Show. They were doing clips from some Republican convention where Rush, Ann Coulter, and others were speaking. As much as I disagree with many of the Democrats' ideas, I also hate the things I hear coming out of quite a few Republicans' mouths (and not just in clips featured on that show). Personally, I think they are all full of shit, Democraps and Repuklicans alike.

  4. Jenni, well said. MUD