What's left to Say?

Some days I watch the news and on others I don't. If you search long enough, you can find that there is something about everything and on others there is way too much about nothing. Instead of being energized, I find myself feeling like a wool sweat sock after a hour of playing soccer. Yes, that is full of it and smelly.

Didn't I recommend a path for the new President to take a few weeks ago? I think he is so full of himself that he is like a magician with a new wand trying to make tricks work without perfecting anything. My first step/recommendation was to stop and figure out what was wrong. Instead of finding out the root cause, he and the congress have created a monster stimulus plan with over 9,000 separate things to fund and turned that sucker loose. Now without the benefit of watching that work to change the direction of our economy, he is trying to move us into Socialized Health Care. Lets see will that make the deficit 1.5 or 2 trillion dollars over his balanced budget by his third year in office.

Someone needs to keep a scorecard on this rascal. he promised change but he is not headed in the direction he promised. No line items in the budget. Well, he didn't tell us that he was going to bust a cap on our debt by letting congress pass a monster of a bill to fund these things outside of the budget. Change, he didn't tell us that he was going out and reappointing the Clinton staff back into office including Screech, herself.

I would like for you to watch over the next few weeks and tell me when one of the stimulus bill changes hits in your life. I predict that the first thing we will all fees is when the Bush Tax cuts expire next year and your taxes will go up. Remember when the tax bill due each week in your with holdings fell? Buck up pals, we are all in for a rude ride. Have you noticed that the number of credit cards offers in your mailbox is down? Have you looked at the details. I got one that offered cash back but the interest rate was 18% and no grace period on purchases. You pay the 18% from day one with a minimum of $1.00 per month. They went on to say that If I didn't make a minimum payment during any month the interest rate would go to 25%. Needless to say I am glad they are at least now telling the truth. Sure wish Barry would.

Oh well, we are headed for warmer days this week and at least I will be able to get outside and do something fun. Have a great day out there.



  1. Yeah, his staff leaves me speechless.

    My youngest likes several of the names you suggested. The contest won't be over for a few hours, but so far it looks like you're the winner. :) Anything particular you'd like from Louisiana? Community Coffee, perhaps?

  2. If you really want to be stunned, look at the order of succession. If the law dogs ever started arresting the criminals in the order, Robert Gates would be president.