I Believe

  • That I have earned the right to be critical of my Government. I have traveled in Harms way to make sure that you also have that right. But don't push it and be stupid.
  • I have the right to stand up and put my hand over my heart for the National Anthem. You have the need to do so. Take off your stupid hat and the I-Pod out of your ears.
  • You have the right to be critical of my flag but be careful if you burn it in my presence. I think my free speech rights should include the right to be arrested for kicking your butt if you don't listen. At least I think my first arrest should be for something worthwhile.
  • You have the right to Text Message on your cell phone so long as you are: not in the movie theater where your damn little screen kills what is left of my night vision. Driving a damned car (or a train for gods sake) or trying to conduct business in a line in front of me. Pay Attention stupid.
  • If it is good for me, it should be good for the Government. If it is good for me to pay off my debts and save, why is it not good for the government? Isn't the way they are doing it kind of like a Ponzi scheme? Those at the end of the line don't get their money back?
  • I worked hard all my life and it is your right to do the same. Get up, go to work and work hard. You get paid and you should earn it.
  • Cell Phones are so you can stay in touch when it is important. Not for you to conduct a conversation about crap at the table next to me in a restaurant. Call them back from the parking lot. At least outside. Turn off your cell phone ringer. Set it to vibrate when you have to pay more than $5 to be at an event. Remember I also paid to be there.
  • If you want to look like a bum, do it in your grubby civvies, not in one of my old uniforms. If you only knew how hard I worked to keep (and spent) them looking good you wouldn't paint houses in them and then wear them out in public. Carhardt makes some great work clothes and they aren't too expensive. Buy some clothes at the DAV or the Salvation Army, they need the money for good causes and then throw the old stuff away when it is dirty and worn out.
  • I take offense when you cuss around my wife. She won't let me get away with it but doesn't like to tell you about it. Knock that shit off!
  • If I can't call you something, you shouldn't call your friends that either. I won't treat your women like whores, why do you? I darned sure won't call them that.
  • Looking for someone to blame all your problems on, is stupid. We all got here the same way and are only as successful as we make ourselves. Get an education, work hard and you too can be a success. Look like a hood, get tattoos all over your ass and wear you hair stupid and you too won't be the person hired. Pull your self and your pants up and get a job. Save some money for later on (and not in one basket) and pay your taxes.
  • Having a strong Military is good for our national defense. It will be the reason we don't have to fight every little war not the reason we do.
  • We have the right to pursue happiness, not the right to have the Government give it to us.
  • Free speech wasn't free to those who earned it for you. Be judicious how you use it and keep it precious
  • If you disagree, you have the right to not read this blog. If you are respectful, you have the right to comment. I have the right to delete your comments if you are not.

MUD, COL (Ret)


  1. I think I agree with just about everything said here, though some things may not bother me as much as they do you. (I'm thinking the cussing, not the flag burning/disrespect or the cell phone use.) I do have a question.

    This is the second blog post by a military person I've seen where civilians wearing BDUs is mentioned. I wear cammies and combat boots for camping and other outdoor activities (like archaeology field school) because they are simply the best, most practical, and most comfortable there is. I have never served in the military, nor do I pretend to have served. I bought all of these things from DAV, Goodwill, or military surplus stores. If I get a pair of cammies that fits well and is the lighter weight rip stop fabric, I wear them until they are completely worn out, though probably only on my own property or in back country camping. Is this offensive? I sure hope not. I don't want to offend and I loves my cammies!

  2. I agree on every point.

    The cell phone rudeness is a HUGE thing for me, too. I use somewhere in the neighborhood of 7500 PEAK minutes a month and I still do not talk on my phone in Wal-Mart or any of those other RUDE places. If I get a call in a store that I need to take, I will answer it, take the two seconds necessary to tell the caller when I am calling back and DO. WHAT. I. TELL. THEM. Dang, Mrs. Manners has never had such a meaningful era with which to deal.

    Just talking about the cell phone rudeness has made me mad, I am going to go punch a fluffy bunny, now.

  3. Jenni, I have seen pictures of you in your uniforms and do not see disrespect in when and how you wear them. It is those people that wear them to work, shopping, to schol and about everywhere when they are needing to be disposed of that piss me off. Cides, I know in your heart you don't mean any disrespect with a son in the Corps.

  4. Col. Mud,

    Got referred here by Two Dogs, and glad I did. My father put in his 30 years (USAF), including a tour in Vietnam (the Tet Offensive delayed the end of his tour). He taught me to respect people and things even if I disagreed with them. Your post is dead on in so many ways, especially the use of cell phones.

    Chris in Topeka

  5. cell phones make TD punch bunnies. interesting.

    i have several pairs of rip-stops (did i say that right?) that the other half gave me to wear, he was USMC Recon, 9 years including Gulf War, by the way.

    i had never thought that a civilian wearing those could offend anyone. they still look new, but if i thought i was offending, i sure would quit wearing them! our troops and veterans deserve every ounce of respect i can come up with, so some advice would be appreciated!

  6. As usual, this post is absolutely right on.

    I have friends who are so addicted to their cell phone that it makes spending any time with them unpleasant. I've been at restaurants with them when they'll answer a call (not an emergency) from their kid(s) and stay on the phone for extended periods of time. Hey, if they don't like my company, we don't have to associate with each other! You know?