There is a time here in the heartland that is late spring or early summer. It is that time in March that makes all the gardeners want to get out and plant green things fully aware that we are only a few degrees from a killing frost. To meet the high expectations of the MG, I built a glass enclosure on the south deck and it spent the night full of tomato plants. According to the thermometer this AM it was right at that temperature that would have nipped their little butts, er buds. Inside the cold frame it stayed almost 40. Sure hope those plants make it to planting in the ground. I have a hankering for one of those big old red tomatoes or a handful of those little red one's. You know them, they are the one's that are almost sweet as grapes.

Today is the first day for the bracket announcements. It should be a tough year as there were more conference championships between teams no one would have expected. Who or how would you expect Baylor to play OK State when there a conference full of teams that on a regular basis beat both teams like a drum. Speaking of teams that show up and play hard have you seen the Memphis squad? I saw them play with Tulsa and it was not pretty. I would normally say against Tulsa but it was not a trade baskets game at any time. Memphis got ahead and did their best to beat Tulsa regular and often. I know my brother is a big Tulsa fan and I'll bet he was bummed out as much as I was when Baylor beat KU.

One day this week I am going to get the tax crap spread out on the table and floor here by my computer done and get it all in the mail. I hate to send a check as I have to pay but what the heck, that what's money in the bank is for. Spring is the season of paying. April is for income taxes and May is for the second half of property taxes. Once upon a time we had until June for the Property Taxes but the State needs to have the money to pay back all the people that over withheld. Oh well, money in, money out. So long as we can keep the balance that income must be equal to or greater than outgo we'll survive.

Have a great day out there. We are looking for 60's today. Must be spring, other than the woodpeckers the birds are not flocking around the feeders.


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