Mo' Trip Pics

One of the attractions in Lubbock was a prairie dog town. It is located in a lonely park out towards the airport. Made me wonder why so many guys were there in their trucks sitting and talking. There is about a two foot wall around the park but you can see that some of the dogs have escaped over on the driving range by the golf course club house.
Some more wildlife in Lubbock. Barb by the giant Buddy Holley Glasses. How can you tell when Barb didn't take the pictures on the camera? When she is in the picture. She is twice as good at taking pictures as I am. I am a good lens bearer for that great big telephoto. She will say here carry this and next thing I know I have it for the day.
The Red Raider Dancers put on a great show there in Lubbock. I loved their band also. The people of Lubbock don't know what a treat they have.

Last night we got the first appreciable moisture of the year. It stormed and blew in at least an inch of rain. We sure needed it. It also brought a little cooler air than we have had for a week but for the rain I'll take what ever mother nature gives us. There is a little green poking up here and there and Barb finally sent a soil sample to K-State to see what we need to do in the garden.
Have a great Sunday out there.

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