Things here in the heartland are starting to turn green. You can go out to get the paper in the morning with a jacket and not the usual coat and gloves. The water dishes are not all frozen solid and the birds are sporting their highly colored feathers. Must be spring is about to sprung. One sure sign for me that it is springier, is that I find my schedule being pushed around by basketball game starting times. Wednesday and Thursday of this week we have the 5A High School Championships here in Topeka and the start of the BIG XII Tourney. The ESPN coverage has turned to the odd discussion of baseball, the College Tournaments and the end of Professional Basketball. Yes, I know it won't really be over until mid June. There was even some talk about some baseball tournament in the Caribbean? Who really cares if the Netherlands can't beat Puerto Rico?

We have had rain a couple of days in a row here and things are pretty soggy. I am glad to see it catching up on sub soil moisture. We had a great crop of apples this last fall because of all the rain. Hope it gets wet and stays that way.

Oh well, not much else today.



  1. We finally got a good bit of rain here last night. It wasn't enough to lift the burn ban, though, and my trash is starting to pile up. It's not like me to wish for grey skies and rain, but here I am wishing away.

  2. Send some of that rain south, would ya?

  3. I know it's getting close to springtime when the SNAKES start crossing my driveway.

    I hate snakes.