No Respect

We are in Lubbock and were watching the KU MU game on CBS. As soon as it looked like KU was going to win, CBS cut to a different game. To add insult to my injury, they didn't go back and wrap the game up when it completed. It is like that game didn't happen.

The weather here was a little cold upon arrival but is warming up nicely. I hope you are all set for some good weather a little later on this week. Didn't get a chance to bring the bikes darn it. I'm sure that Barb will have some good ideas for exercise. We left home about 3 AM and Barb and I have both had to take a catch up nap. It will ruin her sleep tonight. I won't falter in that area.

OH well, the hotel here has a computer so I am able to get on line.


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