Right after I posted that it was not snowing, it started to snow. It looks like Grand Central Station outside by the bird feeders. They are working hard to get a place on one of the feeders and probably are spending more energy working on that than they should. You can see one of the red cedars drooping its branches in the background. When they touch the ground, there are generally some branches breaking off other trees and we are in danger of power outages. We do have a generator.

Update about 2:30 PM, 28 Mar 09. The snowflakes are now about 1 inch across and falling rapidly. We are now up to 2-3 inches and no let up in sight. Barb is up decorating a Monarch cake and I am watching Road to the Final Four. I made a quick run to the store about 1:30 and the roads were great once I got off the side roads. Not true on the way home. In fact, a BWT (Big White Truck) with 4 wheel drive is in the ditch right out on Tecumseh Road just north of 42nd street. It must have happened right before I came by as there were skid marks in several directions and circles leading to where the truck is. She had help coming.


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