Backwards Bucket List

As a change of pace, I am always trying to make things happen different from the normal blogs. You know what a bucket list is don't you? You know those things on your life list that you want to get done before you die. Well, a backwards Bucket list is a list of things I have done and expect to not do them again in this lifetime. Hang On:

  • Roller Skateing was once a passion of mine but the thought of falling off skates on a hard wood floor or concrete is just out of the question. Ditto for skateboarding...
  • Going twice as fast as my age in a car. Oh sure, it was easy when I was 20 but 60? I doubt it.
  • Seriously hunting anything. I may shoot my weapons and clean them regularly but to get out and walk far chasing something to kill is probably a no go.
  • Being seriously in love with anyone new. After 40 years of Barb, what I have will do very well, Thanks.
  • Traveling anywhere for more than two weeks at a time. Even with the help of Dave to feed the dogs, I just miss home and 14 days is the absolute limit.
  • Moving to a new house is just not on my list. Remodeling here some is needed but short of another tornado we will be just fine here.
  • Going back to school. I will never stop learning new things but I probably won't see the inside of a college as anything but a guest.
  • A new car. Now that GM is Government Motors I probably won't be a part of the solution and buy a new car. Unless something really amazing happens I will continue to buy used and drive them until the wheels fall off. You can have that first year depreciation of $3,000 to $5,000 but I will pass.
  • Go to War again. Been there, done that.
  • Go camping and sleep on the ground. I will go on a picnic and sit on a blanket but not sleep on the ground again. Motels and Hotels are just too nice.
  • Start Hating and stop laughing. There are people that don't talk to me and they think it is some form of punishment to me. The laugh is on them.
  • Vote a straight Democratic Ticket. OK, I never did this one but hey it ain't going to happen no way.



  1. My daughter fractured her wrist roller skating Friday night. I'm not too eager to skate either. And I'm totally with you on the new car. Never. Neither a new spouse. Breaking my Hunny in has taken 17 years and counting. Geez. But I will camp again. Having air mattresses is nice. :)

  2. Roller skating has never been such a great idea for me. I'm not the most coordinated person. Of course, at the time I was doing most of my roller skating, I didn't realize that I needed glasses and that life was not supposed to look like an impressionist painting. Being able to see has improved my coordination. About 8 years ago I thought I'd try those new inline skates. I did okay, but it put way too much stress on my knees.

    Sadly, I think I have driven twice your age. That's right, twice *your* age, not mine. I was 18 and invincible, had a new(ish) car that would go that fast and a long stretch of highway between Wichita and Austin, and I didn't have any kids. I'd never do it again. Nowadays I set my cruise control at 4 miles above the limit, and that generally satisfies my need for speed and defying authority.

  3. Oh, I'd still camp. No air mattress required. I'm a die hard camper!

  4. MUD, you've got 10 years on me, but your list is a complete mirror of mine. Scary...

    Except the "gone to war" thing. We didn't have one going on when I was "war age."

    Jenni is a better man than I am. Motels are just too dang nice. I might sleep in an RV, but it would belong to someone else.