Pretty Soon

If this facebook thing keeps going, I'm going to be attached to about everyone. I open my e-mail and all I get is notices from face book that someone left me a message. I guess this constant contact world is coming to the place that everyone will be a friend of everyone.

Got an AC guy coming and I hear the dogs barking so better close here. The A-Coil inside the furnace unit started to leak and we lost our ability to cool. It isn't the temperature that is the bother, it is the humidity. We have been on a week long streak of some rain at least every other day. The AC is running now and the drain pipe is running a stream of water out of the unit into the drain.

It was nice that the AC Company could fit in a guy this AM. He had the new coil installed, the system charged and everything OK in under two hours. Good Stuff.


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  1. Dang MUD, new evaporator coil, recharged and everything in under 2 hours???

    Your AC guy is WAY too efficient to prosper...

    Yeah man, it was 95+ here today, and if you would, please send us some of your regular rain...still without the rain, it's as humid as I've ever felt. But it could be worse...my AC works just fine.

    Thank God for Dave Lennox...