Weekend Extremes

Yes, I know that no one makes me do what I do and most of my itinerary is self imposed. It just seemed like this weekend was one of extremes. I spent the better part of six hours over two days on the mowers. I also watched the Lonesome Dove movie for 4 hours on Saturday evening to find that there was another four hours on Sunday evening. I love cowboy movies and this was one of the greatest series made. But, 8 hours of cowboys and Indians is just too damned much. With a little creative editing it could have been an entire series for a season of TV. It was great to see the villain get killed but at least one of the ladies should have married somebody at the end.

Does anyone else notice that it is the middle of June and they just finished the Pro basketball season. By this time of the year, does anyone really give a good hoot in hell who won? So the Lakers won their 15th National Title? It seemed a little funny that when I switched over during a commercial some guy who's family owns the Lakers held the trophy up. If you don't play the game, your fingerprints don't go on the trophy until everyone in the game has touched it. He should have been fouled and his shot blocked by the water boy.

Barb and I have noticed that after being out of the country for almost 15 days, whatever it is that makes us allergic here is in full bloom. Our time in Morocco was almost sniffle free and I'll bet we have gone through a couple of boxes of Puffs since we got home. The post nasal drip has also given me a cough that is very annoying.

Barb is working on the pictures we took on our vacation and I'll bet 30% of them are the Special K's, Kendra and Katrina. They are a couple of beautiful young girls and their lack of awareness of the camera made for some great photos. I also got a chance to view some of the pictures of the family reunion taken while we were gone. The family reaction to Tickle Me Elmo was great especially in light of Austin's almost non awareness that it was funny.

Oh well, not much going on here today. Coffee, the paper and a little blog writing has been completed and it is only 9:30 AM. Gotta get busy with something. dang, it rained again this morning so outside stuff won't be too fun.


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