What would get this many Photographers into one place? Our Son Dave took the picture so that makes at least five people taking pictures.
Well, I recon a Five Generation picture would do it.
Front Row is My Mom, Virginia Schawo, My Sister Myrna, Her Great Grandson Austin.
Back Row my grand Niece Amy Kirkland and he mother Janet Nixon.
We missed this event and our son Dave took a lot of pictures and made us a DVD. Thanks Dave.


  1. Our immediate family had a little get together recently... and there were several of us walking around with cameras too!
    And I have a 5 generation photo Too!
    It's of my granddaughter Brylee, My Dauther Lacy, Me, My Mum and My Mum's Mum... so 5 Mothers/daughters in a row.... and all from the same 'side' of the family too!
    Sadly, my Grandmother has gone now, so will never get that photo again.

  2. Great pictures and I do have the photo of Austin standing on the couch between grandma and Sue I will send one to her.

  3. He's such a celebrity! That was the most exciting photo shoot I've ever been a part of.