Oh No I Didn't, Oh Yes I Did!

I think I have mentioned the Master Foods training and follow on volunteer training I am doing. Yesterday I spent two hours on an empty stomach telling people about the value of a proper diet and watching portions. That speech includes the food pyramid and how you need to spread your calories across the spectrum for proper nutrition. Then, I packed up my stuff in the truck and headed west to the new Hamburger joint.

By my calculations, I consumed well over 100 grams of fat, well over 1800 calories and there was simply not enough vegetables to mention. I feel like Hugh Hefner teaching abstinence. At least I didn't eat much else for the day. If you read yesterday's blog, you will realize that I didn't think too much of the quality of the experience. It is hard to be a food snob and a food hog at the same time.

The weatherman is telling us that not only did the Heat Wave break, we are due to get another light cool front by the 4th of July. It is very nice out there this morning and it should be mid 80's for the high temp today. It is cloudy right now and we might get some rain. I need to go to Dave's and do some trimming and a little mowing so I hope not.

For those that try to remember that poem or use the knuckle method to remember the days of the month, today is the last day of June. We will start July tomorrow and the Shawnee County Fair is going to happen. I found out that I will get to help set up and judge foods. I will be paired with an experienced judge and get to put my training/taste buds to work. I know what I taste and what's good by my standards. It is the blue ribbon standards that I need to learn.

Guess I had better get moving on or my butt will set in place. Miles to mow.



  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    That's funny. Reminds me of the time I spoke to a group of homeschoolers about priorities/scheduling and my house was a wreck.

  2. Nyuk Nyuk MUD...

    How do I get me one of them food-judging jobs?