Monday Morning Madness

We as a society are so free to think and say what we want that I fear that some people are on the verge of believing everything they read, hear and say. No matter how extreme the issue, there is always an opposing side. Pick you issue, Coal Fired Plants and anti Nuclear Plant crowd. Natural energy vs the Not In My Back yard (NIMBY) crowd. I don't struggle with the fact that there is a two sides of the coin, it is the extreme divergence. This weekend the pro gay group held a rally against the West Borough Church who was in Minnesota protesting at the funeral for a Soldier who was killed in Afghanistan. A lone gunman shot and killed the noted Abortionist, Dr Tiller, as he seated people in church in Wichita. Isn't that kind of like fighting a war for Peace? When one of my soldier buddies read about violence in the US while we were in Vietnam he said it was "Like fucking for Virginity". The reports came to us that in Paris they couldn't even decide on the shape of the damn table. We all knew that if they were where we were they could just sit in the mud and decide. You are welcome to burn your flag, just don't burn mine and invite me to the rally.

It is my belief, backed up by the actual numbers of people that voted that about 25% of the people are Republicans and about 27% are Democrats and the other 48% just don't really care. They are either bored silly, uninformed, or really don't bother with what anything any one else cares about. If it was a literacy issue I might understand that they don't know what they don't know. I often say when informed about something new, that I might be ignorant but I'm not stupid. The real task is to tell the difference.

I will challenge you with the fact that if you feel the need to change our society there are hundreds of opportunities for you to be involved in. Start at the local School Board level and work your way up from there. How many times have you voted and wondered what the heck the selectman or township board member do. Not only do we not for the most part not know them, we don't have a clue what the few tax dollars they get go for. Working up from there, there are hundreds of Representative and Senator jobs that are filled with people that got energized to get out and run. Find an issue that "floats your boat" and get out there and play Navy.

The history of our country is filled with changes. Heck the founding fathers felt that the Constitution was not adequate and soon had a Bill of Rights passing through the States. I'll bet few of you really know what the latest count is in the changes made. As new people are elected and new Judges appointed, the very face of our Nation changes with the infusion of new ideas. Anyone that hasn't felt frustrated with the rate of change or issues, doesn't understand that it is the dynamics of change that keeps us from feeling that we need to take up arms to make change happen. Last night I heard a woman on TV say that you can't hate God if you don't believe in him.

Barb said that we need Sotomayore to offset Clarence Thomas. How the hell that the nomination of an appointee to the Supreme Court could increase gun sales is almost beyond me. It was there on MSM's home page this morning. Of course I say that now that I have my own weapons. As a retired member of the Militia I feel comfortable that a whole bunch of other people will lose theirs before they come to my door and want mine. I am going to go out and put on the headphones and run the mower some more. I will think Globally but act locally. Oh by the way I forgot to apply sunscreen yesterday and am a little warm in places that are normally cool. Yes, I have a Red Neck, two dogs and a pick-up. Oh well...


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  1. Twenty-seven amendments, BUT an unlimited number of laws and regulations that usurp the Constitution. YAY! Me!

    My local school board is actually doing a good job, but when our neighboring county, Hinds, gets to the tipping point of utter destruction, the activists shall move here because they have ruined their local system. Instead of keeping them from doing that, I'll just move. How's that for getting involved?

    I am forever amazed at people that say we need a diversity of opinion. There is a definitive right and a definitive wrong. We need a Sotomayor to offset Thomas, just like a submarine needs a screen door.

    (At least it keeps the fish out.)