Toilet Lesson 101

The first lesson I wan to share is that yes, you can go outside and Potty in the grass but for the sake of modesty, I suggest you start with the basic of all toilets, found all over France and Morocco,:

The Squatty Pottie

It is basically a hole over a collection point with a water source and a bucket to flush it with. Did you see any toilet paper? Julies warned us to bring our own. Or be prepared to wash you hand off using the water bucket. Why do you think they only use their right hand to eat?

Lesson two, when in Spain, carry pocket change so you can use the "pay as You Go" version of the:

Water Closet or W.C. For Short

The Cadillac version, no, the Mercedes Benz version is the toilet we found in our hotel in Spain. The smaller button on the right was for quiet flushes when you don't want to wake the people in the next room. The big button on the left is Turbo Flush and you never need a plunger once that kicks in. Of all the things I saw on the trip this was the one thing that I left coveting.

At the arboretum, the girls went into the Toilet and Barb saw this toad behind the door. Unfortunately it was not hibernating, it had been squished by the door.

The girls next in line behind our group also found the toad as you could hear them screaming clear down the path.

Yes, I left out the good old intrenching tool and C-Ration paper version. Perhaps I will share with you why after a year of Vietnam I no longer am facinated by the idea of sleeping on the ground or places without sit down and flush toilets.



  1. Are you saying that going camping for entire year in a mosquito infested sweat box used up your want-to on the camping? Yeah, I can certainly see that.

  2. super IKKKK to the squatty pottie! We came across a lot of those in Singapore/Indonesia and Malaysia. Ikkkkkkkkk.

  3. What? Barb didn't harvest the frog for cooking school?

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    For the record this was a high class squatty potty with a flush tank which impressed the little girls we were with. Amazing how quickly children adapt and the rest of us just get stuck in our old ideas about such things as acceptable toilet facilities.

  5. The large reptile behind the door is a toad and not a frog. Some toads are poisonous and 'cides this one was way beyond his prime.

  6. YUCK! I have a bathroom phobia! I would either hold it or go out into the woods. I can hold it for up to 12 hours if need be. Before having a baby I could hold it twice that long!