Monday Morning

What do you get when you are married to a Master Gardner and she has a great camera with a nice selection of lenses? Yep, pictures of pretty flowers. The nice thing is that there are flowers everywhere here in the Heartland his year because of the nice mixture of sun and rain. If you think the flowers are great, you should see the corn and soybeans.

These flowers were all captured through the eyes of Barb and some are from our yard. Others were seen on the garden tour. While mowing yesterday, I saw an area of Rabbit Run that is just covered with wild flowers. I also noticed this morning that we have a sunflower blooming with a red flower. I'll see if Barb can catch that one in a day or so. It is out by the butterfly garden and that garden is almost over run with milkweed. Should be a great year when the Monarchs start back south.

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  1. The pic of the yellow day lily is my favorite. A red sunflower? Is it one you planted or just a wildflower? We have lots of black-eyed susans, but the sunflowers I've seen haven't even developed buds yet. The plains coreopsis is out, though, and last night I found two color variations side by side. There was the more common yellow with a ring of red around the brown center and one plant that had mostly red flowers with just a thin ring of yellow on the outside.