Yesterday I went to one of the local Adult Care Facilities and assisted in a Health Care presentation. Those people are really watching what they eat and were very interested in how their diet effects their lives. The opening question is "Is there any really bad foods" The answer is no, there are only bad diets.

I am again convinced that somewhere there needs to be a combination of the Food Pyramid and caloric intake needs melded into a recommendation. for example. In the grains section, we should eat about two cups of grains/breads a day with half of that being whole grains. Oatmeal and brown bread comes to mind with the other half of that being bread, pasta or rice.

In the fruits and vegs, we need to eat three or four cups of these with a variable amount from each of the color groups. First is white. Beans, Cauliflower, potatoes and banana for one serving. Red - Apples, tomatoes. Yellow, squash, yellow beans and corn. Green - (the darker the better) broccoli, green beans, spinach. Blue - grapes, plumbs. One thing we all need to avoid is the 1,000 calorie trip to the salad bar. Forget the three dippers of dressing , all that cheese and ham and eggs. You can easily put 300 calories on top with each dipper of dressing.

Meat/Protein. The human body requires the equivalent of two decks of cards sized portions a day. Meat, seafood, eggs, tofu, some beans and we meet this requirement easily.

Dairy. Cheese, milk, Ice cream, yogurt and we easily meet this one.

Oil. We require oils in our food to maintain healthy bodies. What we don't require is everything fried and then additional oil as a topping. I cringe when I watch the cooking programs that add Olive oil as a topping to meals to help the taste. It is calories, calories, calories and not needed. If you have a whopper, a large fry and a shake you probably have exceeded your fat intake for the day.

Now I have made myself hungry and want to go up and eat two eggs fried in butter, hash browns fried in oil, Ham and toast with butter. I probably will settle for a nice whole grain cereal and one yogurt. Forgot to pick up the juice yesterday. OH well.



  1. Instead of actually consuming those daily cups of whole grains, I prefer to just throw them straight into the toilet. Boy, that surely speeds up the process. But, not by much.

  2. I found that I hated whole grains when I started. The wife stated to use them as a mixture and increase the amount each time. Now I almost can't eat white bread. MUD

  3. My wife made me start eating wheat bread, too. So I started eating the white wheat bread. It is ALL about the presentation. A sandwich should be WHITE dammit!

  4. MUD, you are wasting your time with Two Dogs. His idea of a balanced meal is two chili dogs from Dairy Queen balanced by a Blizzard for his daily Dairy requirement.

    I eat only "whole grain" junk. And, as TD intimated...you can certainly tell by the next morning. That's the purpose, ain't it?