What do I put on my Business Card?

The other day I was looking through a bunch (yes, a pile) of things and found a 1000 card value pack of those little perforated business cards that you can feed a sheet at a time through a printer. My decision is just what do I put on the cards now that I am retired. Here are just a few of the ideas:
  • Retired. Only one boss and she hasn't changed.
  • Same old place to live, same telephone number, no cell phone or pager. None of that has changed in 19 years. About the time I started down the FACE BOOK Path, I got an invitation to Twitter. What the hell is that? I am pretty sure I don't twitter. Twitter along with the tumbling tumbleweeds. Isn't that a song?
  • Head Laborer for Rabbit Run Farm. Tote that mulch, dig that hole, are you going to mow again?
  • More stuff than places to put it.
  • Lots of neat tools if I can only find them. (See the part about stuff above)
  • Income exceeds outgo until Barry can find a way to rectify that.
  • About a $10.00 a week bird seed habit. About the same for the dogs. Wish I could say the same about the Lottery.
  • Soldier of Fortune. OK, ex soldier of fortune. The fortune part is OK but the Soldier part is way past my prime.
  • Master Foods Volunteer. When things settle down, I'll figure out what it is I really will be doing in this program. I have done a few events and it looks like the fair will be one big highlight. Going to a nursing home today to talk about food for people with poor vision. Not sure what this will be but I'll go help.
  • World Traveler. Will go as long as I can stand it or 11 days which ever comes first. I have to promise to throw away my oldest underwear in far away cities.
  • Recumbent Bike Rider. Mostly in fair weather. I ride on the bike trail around the lake and that darned goose poop is slick and when wet and tastes well, like poop.
  • Land Lord. I would sell these pieces of junk if I could figure out a way to have the same income. Most of my other investments have tanked and at least I have a place to live if I get thrown out of Rabbit Run. (Not likely but hey, you never know) Also, it is kind of cool to be able to buy tools and have some place to write them off. I know I have 100 screw drivers if I could ever find them.
  • Friend. This is probably a dubious honor that I have self awarded. For some reason I have several good friends and almost an equal number of enemies. Most of the friends are guys and most of the enemies are female. Go Figure.

You have the idea, more things to put on the card than space. Most of the information is not needed, kind of like this blog. But hey, 22,000 people have been here and not everyone left mad.



  1. How about:
    Advisor Extraordinaire
    Opinions free and guaranteed, listening optional
    Free Speech Advocate/Public Speaker
    "I believe in free speech, and I speak freely."
    or (my favorite)
    MUD, C.D.
    "I call 'bullshit' when I smell it."

    Well, that's just three things I love about you anyway, LOL!

  2. I like the Rabbit Run Head Laborer.

    If you have so many, make several different ones.

  3. Jack of all Trades
    I'm Retired: this IS dressed up
    Head Honcho & Know it All of Rabbit Run