What a day for a Bike Ride

Today it was about 70 degrees with a 10 MPH breeze from the south. I rode about 10 miles and loved every minute of it. The wife rode her bike but didn't quite go as far. It was nice of her to join me on our ride.

In case I haven't said it enough, thanks to Ken for reminding me of the inner child that hasn't forgot the feel of a smile on my face. (Even if a bug flew up my nose) I'm not sure how much further I wanted to ride today but tomorrow I'll want to do it again.



  1. The best cure for a negative day is a good bike ride...Donna and I did 20...great day for riding.

  2. My knees are a little sore coming down the stairs today but other than that I feel fine. I know the extra good endorphins help. When you coming to eat here at my house? Bring your bike and see the Lake from the outside on our new path. MUD