Guess What?

Konza Prairie House. My dream garage/vacation home
Butterfly Milkweed. Pretty stuff

Asiatic Lillies in bloom.


We got another 1/2 inch rain yesterday.(Barb said 3/4's of an inch) It is hot as hell out there but the rain has arrived just in time most of the spring and early summer. IT is cool this AM and Barb wants to load up the bikes and go for a ride. I think that's a darned fine idea. See you all later.

Conundrum of the day: It seems like almost all the new tools are going digital electronic. That means that as often as not, I go to use a tool and find the battery dead. I am pretty sure that I can't just lay in a supply of the odd battery's so it means that I have to make a trip to Walgreen's
There has to be a better way. Most of them come in a 2 pack and the tire pressure gauge uses three. If I can't use the 4th battery right away, there is little chance I'll find it when I need it next time. Don't get me started on the disposal issue.



  1. MUD, I take my odd batteries and keep them in a box in a special place right uh...right next to uh...

    Crud. Yeah, you ain't gonna find it.

  2. Oh MUD, by the way...please blow some of your rain to NW Louisiana. It's getting "dangerously" dry around here. There's nothing I hate worse than watering, when God does it so cheap.