It's My Money

This week, the financial picture has been made more and more obvious and I think that we all should be More aware. It is my money!
  • The new chancellor at KU was signed for more money than the old one and then some kind of magic bonus appears to take the salary from $350,000 to over $450,000. Say What. The Chancellor at KU lives in a house on the KU Campus and can't live on $350,000? Yes, it is my money and she should be ashamed.
  • Bob Perkins the Athletic Director at KU makes a million dollars a year? He gets to travel with the teams and see games in every campus in the Big XII and then gets paid? Yes, It is my money and he should be ashamed. His Boss makes $450,000 and I think that's obscene.
  • The Assistant Athletic Director at K-State signed himself to a five year contract (No other Asst AD in the BIG XII Has a multi Year contract) and wants to get paid for the other four years when he got fired for mismanagement? That's $800,000 of my money.
  • Almost 50 % of the people surveyed out there blame the current deficit on George Bush. The President didn't get to allocate or raise one dollar of the money we spend. It is the Congress's fault. OK, if you want to blame Bush for anything the first 300 Billion offered in the stimulus bill can be put on him. The other 400 Billion and the new Billions requested are on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Yes it is my money and the new Debt of almost $40,000 per household added by this bunch of "leaders" is my money.
  • Does anyone with half a brain really want the Government running Health Care? These are the guys that are running Social Security into the ground, the same guys that head up the VA and Medicare and you want them to be responsible? Yes, I want them to be responsible but not with my health care or money. It is my money and I am worried.

With all this said, it is your money too and why aren't you worried. I don't blame it on the Democrats, I blame it on all of congress. I will vote to "Never Re-elect Anyone". What could we do with the 10 Billion in Foreign Aide just approved. With all the red ink in Washington, we should have our hand out not our billfold.

MUD- With Red Ink for a purpose.


  1. I am so with you on this post but the thing that worries me the most is health care, what a mess that would be. I work in health care and see the crazy mismanagement of Medicare, scary stuff!

  2. Try Corch Les Miles at LSU making 2 plus million a year and delivering a 7-5 season.

    My girl cousin, Susie, went to Kansas State, and her husband also did. He was an All-American baseball player there, and went on to play in the majors for a good while. He made a bunch of big bucks because of his VALUE to the owner of his team.

    I'm with ya' MUD. Just how valuable is an administrator at a University? Heck, I'd take the job for half that. And I am certain that everyone in the Great State of Kansas would be just thrilled...

  3. What does the chancellor even do? I often wonder about all these big titles that make the big bucks and just what it is they're getting paid for. Whatever it is, I have trouble believing it's worth that much. I agree with everything you've said in this post.

  4. Jenni, my Uncle was the Chancellor at Baylor University for several years.

    I asked him what he did. He said, "I Chancell."