Cheeburger, Cheeburger, Petsi

There is a new hamburger joint here in Topeka named after a Saturday Night Live sketch. It is called Cheeburger-Cheeburger. I went there for my first and last meal. It was well after the normal lunch period and I got seated in one of the few empty seats. After about five minutes a waitress came over and we discussed what I wanted.

They have cheeseburgers from five OZ up to a pound. You can have your choice of 12 cheeses and so many toppings that the list is several inches long. I ordered mine on a platter so the fries came with the meal. The platter was 9.98 and with a chocolate malt plus tax it was $15.00 and some change.

First of all I would have expected that the cook in the kitchen who made my burger to order would remember to season the burger. It tasted like it had no flavor other than what was on the bun. I asked for grilled onions and got raw onions. The bun fell apart about half way through the meal and I'm not sure what the hell the pickles tasted like. Even when I ate one of them separate it had so little taste as to be just departed from a cucumber. The Onion rings (instead of fries) were five little skinny things that unless dipped in the special horseradish sauce didn't have any taste either. For the sake of brevity, all I can say about the chocolate malt is that it was cold and chocolate.

So, if you are in Topeka and have a hankering for a great burger, drive to Lawrence and go to the Backyard burger.


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  1. Screwing up a burger is unforgivable in my book.