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There waits a face book I'll understand. One that means something and one that I can really communicate with. One that will let me link up with our friends in Morocco. One that will kill the old me and keep only the new me. But in the mean time I'll just try to do with one that sends me about 20 e-mails a day telling me what was said on the new one. One that is more of a communications means than a twitter.

Father's day started with a Nice breakfast from Barb. I love an omelet with vadialla onions and cheese. A nice side of bacon, a sliced orange and a steaming cup of coffee ain't bad. I'm sure the kids will be over some time today and I'll grill up a boatload of meat. It will be nice in the fridge to make dinners out of. I'll cook burgers, brats, steak and chicken so there will be lots to eat for the week. If anyone goes home hungry it'll be their fault. I may make a run to the store in a little while to see if there is any of the vegetables I like grilled. Zucchini or egg plant cooked on the grill ain't bad. But, cooked with a piece of bacon in the microwave sure ain't bad either. Add a pinch of those wonderful sweet onions and I'm in hog heaven.

I have been reading Wilbur Smith's new book, "ASSEGAI" and have been really been enjoying it. It is in the period building up to WWI in Africa. It is after the Boer War and the Zulu uprising and it is a period I didn't spend much time studying. The build up to WWI in Europe had most of my attention and this is a nice change of pace. It also talks about big game hunting and that has always been of interest to me. Throw in a little love interest and I am now trying to finish it in good order. The Assegai is the short sword the Massai tribesmen used to kill lions with. I thought it was the Zulu sword but that one had a knob on the stick end of the sword to help pull it out of your opponent. The assegai was one that you plunged into your opponent and pulled it our when he is dead on the ground. Imagine that with a full grown lion. Nope, won't go there.

The weather here is the start of summer and the warm moist air has been pumping up from the gulf daily and at least once each day a thunder boomer or two has built up and passed over. Seems like the TV has been more of the weathermen than normal programming for a week. When the clouds really build up, the Directway TV stops bringing in the distant channels and we only get the local one's. Oh well, it the lights don't go our there is always a good book to read.

Barb and I have found a new hazard on the sidewalks when we ride. The Mulberries are in season and they fall all over the place. IF the birds eat them, there is also bird droppings to contend with. Over at the lake it is goose poop on the Shunga it is mulberries. It is always something.


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