On our trip to Spain, we could take pictures of wonderful buildings and places. What did Barb pick out? Kids. You can tak the teacher out of teaching but you can't take the kids out of the teacher
Young people can walk all day and have fun all night. Give me a good book and some down time or I get grumpy (ier)

Not sure where we saw this but my dad would second the motion.

I just read an article on MSM.com about the top 10 places to move to for a new job. Several of them have unemployment levels of 10% with housing prices that are unreal. I am personally glad that they didn't focus on the Heartland where housing is affordable and unemployment levels are in t 5-6% range. They did pick Omaha/Council Bluffs on the list but to pick Washington, D.C. with the average selling price of a new home at $490,000 is just ludicrous. In fact, I'll bet the person writing the article could not afford to move there.

I got a note from my pal Ken who did some work for me last year. He said he found one of his pay envelopes in his van. Not only did it have a date, it had real money inside. So typical of him, he rushed to the grocery store and bought groceries for one of his kids. With a house full of boys, they probably could use a resupply on a regular basis. I remember what it was like to be a hungry young guy. I could go to the fridge and just graze for hours. One thing I always try to do is pay a man what he is worth. Give me a good days work and I'll give you a good days pay.

Speaking of good days, it is summer here in the Heartland full blast. The heat index has pushed up over 100 a couple of days in a row. I can't imagine what life would have been like without AC. For that matter, I listened to a radio program where a survey was listing the top things people could not live without. Stupid things like cell phones and I-Pods were near the top of the list. My choice the dishwasher was number two and I didn't hear AC mentioned. TV was down to number 6 and I have no idea where computers are. But back to the main thought in this paragraph.... It is hot out there and if you don't have your work done by noon drink a ton of water.
I just read on Compost Happens a great description of the food I cook on Sunday for eating the rest of the week. Planned overs. They aren't left over, they are cooked for a purpose and will be served with gusto and pride. I don't go to the fridge and look for new things to cook, I look for the meat I have plans to cook over again in another form. Take that planned over steak, a couple of potatoes (Nuked in the Microwave and sliced up) some onion and the left over green vegies and cook them up in a skillet. I ate so much I had to wait a couple of hours to be able to eat some apple pie the wife planned over. I'm not sure what to call the vanilla ice cream on the pie. Other than good to go!

Better go see how long I can work today.. Nah, too damned hot. Going to take the Garmin Nuvi and the wife out for a ride.



  1. :) It is hot, isn't it? And lucky me - day of running errands in a van with no working A/C.

  2. I read that article and thought the same thing. Maybe they considered Kansas but came to check it out in the middle of summer and knocked it off the list for unbearable heat.

    Danny's grandfather always believed in paying a man what he was worth. To tell the truth, he often paid them even when they weren't worth it. It's tough to get good workers in the construction field--too many transients (I don't mean immigrants), slackers, and alcoholics/addicts. When they find someone who can *really* work, they treat him well. It's a shame that good treatment is often taken for granted or flat out unappreciated. (Oops! I think I slipped into a rant there!)

    I did the Girl Scout camp at Cowtown with Jo's troop one year. We had to dress in period costumes and do the normal chores they would have had in the 1800s all week long. No AC available in the 1800s. It really wasn't that bad. I was surprised to not keel over from the heat in all those clothes.

  3. AC would definatly be on the top of my list! Except in the winter and then tv probably:)