Wait a Minute!

About 10 AM I offered to take Barb and run away for an adventure. 1st mistake was I didn't have a plan, Second mistake was I offered to let her pick.

Humm, we haven't been to the Konza Prairie lately. ME - You mean the whole prairie? No silly, the trail through the Prairie. OK Said stupid me. No, I didn't lay on provisions, let anyone know our plans or bring extra water. If we had died, only the buzzards would have brought help.

Well, we arrived and it was kinda cool and nice. We start off on the lower trail for a leisurely .6mile walk to the trail up to the Radio Tower road. (That is another couple of miles up hill) but no, I thought it might be nice to just continue on the loop that goes another 4.2 miles. About half way through that 4.2 mile loop, we both look at each other and admit that we are pooped and would pay for a ride back to the car. But nooooo! the Master Gardner wants to cut cross country to get to the car quicker. I promise you that cross country on the Konza means a half mile of downhill, a half mile up hill, a mile down hill and a mile uphill. When we finally get to a place where it looks like there is a mowed path, the wife wants to go north up the path.

Well dear one, see that stone building. It is south of here and it sits right along the road back to the car. From the top of that hill it is .6 miles back to the car. If you go North, I haven't a clue how far it is or when they will find your body. As in the Infantry School Motto, "Follow ME" She did and for once I got an apology for being right. As if I had never walked in the woods with a perimeter road to keep from getting lost.

The good news is that she took me to Carr Hall on the K-State Campus and we had ice cream. She sure knows how to hit my weak spot when she tries.

Rule 1. If you want to run away, announce you are running away and then jump in your truck and do so. No second options if you do something stupid like select the Konza prairie to see the purdy flowers, take a damned water bottle. A nice map would help but stay on the damn roads.



  1. Bwahahaha! Sounds like fun, though.

  2. Love makes you do crazy stuff.

  3. What kind of Boy Scout are you to not bring water bottles, though? Didn't you have a survival kit so you could at least build yourself a solar still? Shame, shame. It sounds like a nice day trip anyway.

    I've never been to the Konza Prairie, but I have had ice cream at Call Hall. Did you have the purple ice cream? (I think it's blueberry, but it doesn't look blue-ish to me.) Go Cats! Hee hee! I guess I have to practice saying that now that Jo is going to K-State for sure. Really I don't much care, so go big blue funny birds, too! Either mascot is better than a wheat shock with a face, arms, and legs. That thing is kinda strange and scary.

  4. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk! Oh MUD, ain't life grand?

    Thanks. That put a big grin on my face this am. Have a good one.

  5. So long as my post doesn't put a big old frown on the mG's face I'm OK. Thanks for the comment. MUD