Another Senior Citizen

I would like to welcome Alan to the ranks of senior citizen. We went over to his house yesterday evening and threw a party with about everyone in the family. Great food, great people and nice visit. He said he doesn't feel any older and I fully understand. getting old is a matter of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter.

AS I drove home, the rain arrived along with a 45-60 MPH wind. The electricity stayed on but it blinked and the Internet was dead for a couple of hours. When one of those big honking storms blows up from the southwest, the DirecTV also dies until things settle down. The good news is that I have a book and I worked on that.

One of the Web sites I follow is linked to Facebook and for about ten seconds I was envious that they were conducting a Strategic planning session. Very soon my memory cleared and I remembered that my mind could absorb only what my butt could endure and now days my mind gets full fast. I was the person that conducted most of those planning sessions and at least then I could stand up and move around. I also remember how tired I would be at the end of one of those sessions. I am less tired when I do manual labor.

Did I mention that taking stuff to the recycle place is a lot like hauling trash to me? Oh well, I probably did and don't remember. Things like that just happen over and over when you get old.


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