There is a new boy child in the family and everyone talked about his male procedure and wouldn't use the "C" word. Pretty much, no matter what they call it, it might be a rude crude thing to little boys, but it is done in a lot of the world. Growing up, only those boys born at home weren't circumcised. It was no big deal to the majority of us. It was done prior to any active memory so while we may have cried, it was way earlier than the time we would be traumatized. Oh well, Jes' Sayn'.

When will KU finally wake up and realize that Lew Perkins is a jerk that takes money from the university way in excess of what he is worth. When the men's Basketball coach rode the bus to Columbia, Lew flew a corporate jet for almost $2,000 and a car service for another $400. I think it is a great deal if there is a corporate jet going somewhere and he can hitch a ride but to charge the university $4,000 to fly to Dallas is a lot too much. An article in the local paper indicated that he often flies in corporate jets as the only passenger. The company then deduct the cost as a donation to the William's fund. I wonder if they would only be allowed to charge or deduct the cost of a commercial ticket how long that practice would last.

Today is mowing day as soon as the dew burns off. It is way too wet this morning and with an hour or so of the sun it will be dry enough. I am also going to work on the big mower here at Rabbit run as it didn't start yesterday. It almost always starts on the first or second pull. Probably the air filter got wet as the tarp covering the mower blew off during the rain a couple of nights ago. We'll see. I'll get some fresh gas, a new spark plug and check the air cleaner. I'll bet it perks right up with the addition of some new things and a little TLC.

Last night I was flipping through the channels on TV and ran into the roast for David Hasselhoff. I forgot how crude they have grown. There is so much to be funny about for the Bay Watch star and it turns out that everyone just wanted to make fun of Pamela Anderson and some fat chick Lisa Lampanelli. I really don't give a crap how many black guys Lisa has made love to. It isn't funny after about the first joke. The really bad part is that almost everyone that spoke was so far past their prime that they made Dave look good. Good Lord, George Hamilton was orange. He has taken the "tan man" theme way past anything normal.

It has cooled off at least 15 degrees here in the heartland. Barb commented that we need to start drifting our ride time to a little later in the day. It was almost cool in the shade along the Shunga Trail. We rode a little further than normal yesterday but I don't think we rode quite as fast. Not many people out on Sunday morning about 9 AM. There were several bikers out but not many people except the dog walkers.

Better get on with life. Have a great week.


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