Tree Cutting

A couple of weeks ago a tree at my rental property finally fell down. It had been in a serious lean for years. I have been working on it for a couple of weeks a little at a time. I finally have it all down and no longer a threat to fall on anyone. I have high hopes that my renter will want the wood for his wood stove but I do have a pick-up to haul everything away if not. I started running the chain saw about 9 AM and by 10 AM it was all in pieces and I drank a gallon of water. Probably sweated that amount also.

It is above 90 right now and headed to 100. We did have a storm pass by last night but it died right as it got here. I could see some sprinkles in the dust on my windshield but nothing was even damp outside. Barb said we have been about 30 days without appreciable moisture and a week above 100. The Heat Index has been above 110 during most of that time. Rusty Toasty in the afternoons. Great time to work in the morning, take a shower and then a nap.

Been having trouble with the electric fan on the pickup. Everything seemed to be hooked up and the fuse was not bad. I reached in and disconnected the wire from the fuse block and the end connector was buzzed/fried right off. It looked like there was some corrosion and that led to it getting hot. I had a new connector and everything is OK in cooling fan place. As hot as it is, The truck would stay cool when moving but you couldn't leave it in an idle mode for even a minute. Oh well...

Better go get cleaned up and then. wait, I hear a nap calling.... Dennis... sleepy time.....Dennis..


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