For some reason, my back has been bothering me this week. It must be a sciatic nerve problem as it causes me to walk funny. For some reason that stupid song title, "Walk this Way" keeps running through my mind. I will push through the pain and ride today. It doesn't seem to hurt much on my recumbent bike. I am going to wait a little while as it was just too dang cool to ride at 9 AM.

I have a young grand niece who is writing about her life right now. She is getting some good advice from her sister and mother. I have been wondering if there is really any secret to life. For me, I have always found hard work greater than talent, knowledge over education and pride in what you do rather than/over feeling loved. I guess that if you have a good education, come from a loving home and work hard you have all your bases covered.

The other night, Dave was over having dinner and he admitted that he has taken clinical statistics twice and this is his third time. At the cost of classes at Washburn, I told him he needed to get a tutor if he is having trouble. I fully admit that the math gene petered out at Calculus for me. I had to pass it and got a D. Good enough to pass but not so bad it killed the GPA. I think Dave has to do better than that as it is one of the things in his Psychology field of study. he must be doing OK as he was able to joke about it with us.

I am thankful that Barb has our finances on auto pilot and we are able to cash flow out Dave's education. he will just have to settle for part of his inheritance up front rather than later. I know he says that having us is a lot more important to him than any inheritance, but he must be aware of how long the Old White Ladies in Barb's family live. Must be quality over quantity in my family as we live it up but not as long.

Jenni mentioned that her husband fixed up an old pick-up truck and then sold it because he didn't want to use it like a truck. I have guys ask me if I am going to paint the 53 Chevy pick up and fix the dented fenders. I will when I am through hauling rocks, brush and stuff in it. I guess I should and use a trailer but I just love to be able to go out and throw the bikes in the bed and drive over to the lake. I would not want to be afraid to scratch the paint or ding the bed. 'Cides I think some 2X6's for a bed works as well as some fancy Oak planking. If it didn't rattle a little (a lot) how would you hear me coming down the road.

Well, I have managed to squander a good half hour (or an OK one) so I'd better go load the bikes. The Naproxin sodium has kicked in.


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  1. MUD, I completely understand about the Math thing. I struggled with Math throughout my entire academic life. I could ace darn near any subject (just Bs in the sciences though), but Math was pure hell for me.

    I always figured that if I could add, subtract, multiply, and divide that it would be sufficient for life. I was right. It has been.

    But man, anything past that and I was as lost as a goose. Hope the back gets better. Have a great day, man.