How Dat Happen

For some reason, my computer worked well for about an hour yesterday and then all of a sudden the scan and copy function just stopped working. As I was trying to reload the driver, I noticed that there were two versions of the driver on my computer. It wasn't until I finally erased both copies and reloaded the correct one that it worked. I think it all goes back to the Windows 7 change over. Oh well, I did have to wait about three hours for the Internet to come back on. That was a strange thing. The wireless modem blinked red for about three hours and it wasn't until Barb called AT&T that it went back to a solid green. The funny thing was that she got no answer at AT&T, on the recorded message that it was after their office hours. Oh well, it worked. Yes, i tried all the other tricks such as turning off the power for a minute etc...

It was a 104 yesterday here in the heartland and will be at least 100 today. That is just the temperature not the heat index. It was well over 110 heat index yesterday. Barb is out watering the plants trying to keep everything alive until it rains again. It rained 1/2 inch night before last and by noon there was no damp dirt, only dust.

Better get on the road this morning. Too hot to travel later on today.


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