Bike'n Again

Yesterday Barb and I went to Lawrence to ride and to pick up a lens we left at my sister's house over the weekend. We went to the Ball Diamonds on the south end of Lawrence and rode out to the lake. When we got back, we realized what had been a long haul earlier this year was really only about a 30 minute ride and we had to ride around the arboretum to feel like the ride was worthwhile. We decided to go to Lake Shawnee this morning and get in a little more riding in. We try to ride three times a week if possible.

I'll let you know how it went a little later but for now.... It was about 80 degrees with a light breeze on the path and what a great view. The Lake Shawnee Park is in full bloom and getting a good watering from the grounds crew. If you are in Topeka for a visit, go to the West Edge road side of the lake. Right at 37th street and West Edge Road is as pretty a garden area as is possible.


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