Primary Elections

Well, we lived through another round of elections and the pollsters were pretty much on the mark about who would win. I didn't win any office but it is like lottery tickets, "If you don't buy a ticket, you can't win." Barbara threatened to write me in for the precinct chairman from the Democrat side but as a registered Republican I don't think that will work.

I kind of kept track of my votes and pretty much voted for as many women as men. It was really 6 men to 4 women but three of the men were running unopposed so I count it as almost 50-50.

I can't tell you how Barb voted, I really didn't talk to her about it. At least she didn't cancel my vote.

The turn-out here in Kansas was about 25% of the eligible voters. Horrible rate. Can't figure out how people can spend so much money on a race and then have it decided by a minority of the majority. Oh well, at least the robo calls will be over for a little while. No more calls from Sarah Palen, Newt Gingrich or Pat Roberts. "We have an emergency and we need your help..."
You can have my vote but leave me out of the money end of the game.

The heat is supposed to break a little today with the passage of a cold (pretty darned hot col front) front with some rain. The yards are starting to show some brown where idiots have mowed them short. I always mow mine at the highest possible setting on my mower. The grass here looks pretty green for now.

Oh well, better move on and see what trouble I can stay out of.


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