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After replacing the garage door, I wound up with a pile of pieces and parts that need disposed of. Do I drive to way north of Topeka or do I try something different? There is a place almost downtown that has a recycle yard for building scraps. The good news is they took all the stuff and only charged $40 a Ton. The bad news is that there is a one ton minimum and I had about 250 lbs worth. Oh well, at least I didn't have to drive to hell and gone.

We are well into our fourth or fifth day of 100 degree heat with high humidity and the heat index somewhere north of 110. It will melt your butt to the seat covers if you park your car in the sun. Your clothes will be damp from the exertion of putting them on and stay that way. Inside with the AC and a fan going will make it almost nice, but I can't imagine what the electric bill will be this month. Probably about half of what the water bill will be with Barb dragging hoses from one end of the place to the other.

Today after making a run to the dump, I took some recycle stuff to the big green dumpsters. It hit me that I worked hard my entire life so I wouldn't have to haul trash. There I was putting crap in the recycle bins. Barb says it is to make the women happy that the old guys do that. I guess I really don't care except the dog food cans stink up the joint. Put that stuff in the garage and it really smells bad. Oh well...


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