What Can Our Federal Givernment Do?

When the Constitution of the United States was written, times were a lot simpler. The Founders wrote a pretty good piece of guidance as a starting place. As our Congress has changed what they feel they can do, the Courts have been tasked to either approve or stop what they are trying to do. It is in my opinion that the courts are as much to blame for allowing changes as the congress is to make those changes. Or, as responsible for not stooping changes not allowed or outlined in the constitution.

With that said, I hate it when those people we legally elect go to Washington and do not represent what we the people out here want. The problem is that we do not elect the majority, we elect only those that directly represent us. We agreed that majority rule was a good idea to keep from overthrowing our government every time we individually get pissed off. I advocate that every so often we need to throw everyone out and start over. The problem with that is that most of the one's un-elected would remain in Washington and be able to influence those newly elected people more than they could before.

Either we believe in our Government or we don't. I think it is one hell of a great system that needs a little dusting off and cleaning up. A sunset provision for all laws would be a good place to start. Some way to balance the laws to be enforced with the revenue available would be a good place to start. A simple litmus test of having our income and outgo be balanced. (That would include some Dave Ramsey version of beans and rice until we clean up our National Debt) We do not want to have the baby tossed out with the bathwater, only some progressive kind of better government until things are a lot better.



  1. A little dusting off and cleaning? No, our government is a living, breathing thing, not a piece of furniture. What it needs is an enema. Better put on your boots and not stand in the way.

  2. Jenni you silver tounged devil lady. Like the punch line to the old joke, you didn't leave any tern un stoned. The problem with the enema is just where would you plunge in the nozzle to get the best effect. 'Cides the EPA would probably hamstring any such effort with so much red tape as to make the flushin of our system impossible. MUD