"Obama Time"

In the past week, several people have defended Obama by saying he inherited the mess. I contend that he ran for the job and the Democrat control of the purse strings for the last years of the Bush Administration set us up for what he got. To quote a beer commercial, it's Obama time and sometime really soon I hope everyone steps up to the plate and gives him full credit or blame for what's going on. If everyone would really admit the truth, it has been the politicians responsible for going to Washington and making bad decisions that led us down this path. You can look for the little R or D after their names but it is the incumbents from both sides that have got us to where we are.

What really bothers me right now is the pessimism that everyone seems to have. That old question asked in years past, are you better off now than you were before he got here? Other than a few lousy shares of GM stock, I'm not much worse off and probably at least status quo.

Which leads me to the other point I want to make today. If things are so damn bad, why will only less than 30% of the people get out and vote? As soon as I get cleaned up for the day I'm going over to the Middle School Building and vote. Because it is a primary I won't be able to vote for any democrats but I will keep track of the sexes of the people I vote for. If you were to see the voters page here in our area you would realize that there are no blacks on the ballot. No, I don't have any idea why. I'll bet that Dale Cushinberry could have about any seat he ran for. After heading up the toughest High School in Topeka he is probably able to take on about any job out there. Yes, he is a black man and Dr Cushinberry is typical of what you would expect to find in almost any Kansas home. I sure hope that supporting great men like Dr Cushinberry doesn't color me racist. Wait, I just read on Andy's place that Dr Cushinberry is best describes as a Kansas American. I couldn't tell you if he has even visited Louisiana.

Oh well, get out and vote, if you can.


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  1. HA! "Kansas American!"

    Pal, if we could only get to that place where that "African" thing would just go away...

    This Cushinberry guy sounds like a real champ! Maybe he can be convinced to get in to politics.

    We had a man like that who was the Parish School Superintendent. Heck of a great man. A giant of a guy who actually played pro basketball for the Minneapolis Lakers just out of college.

    My Daddy, every businessman in the area, and even many folks at the State level tried to talk him in to running for public office. He told them, "NO WAY! Politics makes you compromise, and that's something I couldn't stomach."