Truck Work

Again I find myself doing what I should have paid someone to do for me. The spring on the passenger side of the truck just wasn't strong enough to hold up that side and I found myself leaning to the right even more than my political persuasions. It has one of those fancy dancy rack and pinion steering systems on it and it is from a Mustang (Mid 70's I think). Obviously, the little 6 cylinder Mustang didn't have as much weight on the entire front end as one side of the truck. Why both sides didn't get weak is another thing I don't understand but the new spring I purchased were for the mustang convertible with a V-8 and were almost 3/4 inch in diameter instead of just under 1/2 inch. It drives a lot better, now I have to put on some new tires and have the front end aligned. I have another spring if I need to fix the driver's side but for now it will go under the bench.
The good news is that for the last couple of days it has been great weather here in the Heartland. Today was just starting to get warm when I finished. I'll go out in a little bit, pick up the tools and then clean up. (Did I mention a nap?)
Oh well, not much else for now...

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