Perfect World

The other day I got an E-mail that said that in their perfect world the USA would tell everyone else to kiss their ass and come home and live within our borders. On the surface, it seems like a good idea but there are a lot of really bad things that could happen. Number one would be that no matter how hard and fast we drilled, we depend on the world's supply of oil to make our commerce happen. We have eliminated so much of our manufacturing ability that we would run out of TVs, Dishwashers and OH NO, Cell phones. Not to mention that the life span of most of our computers would expire long before we could catch up our production and have enough to go around.

If we plugged our borders and threw out all the illegals, who would wash all the dishes at our restaurants? Who would do most of the roofing and common labor . Just how soon would our infrastructure fall apart if we didn't have some cheap labor to keep everything running. Besides, just who has the balls in Congress to even suggest we tell Mexico that they either clean up their drug cartels or we will. The first and fifth Infantry Division has to be somewhere doing something.

Oh well, no one said it was a perfect world out there and I for one think that if you travel to many other places you would soon see that we have it pretty darned nice right here at home. Our friends from Morocco are headed home soon and you should see the stuff they have to haul home to be able to live any kind of a life there. One big old 50 lb footlocker is full of drugs, vitamins, hand cream and stuff not available there.

OH well, Have a great day.


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  1. MUD, I had a friend that lived in the Caucuses (?) of the Soviet Union for many years.

    He was an American, and came back to visit for a while. I was walking with him through a City Market grocery store visiting with him.

    He said, "The strangest part about being back in the US is the grocery store. I can pick from four brands of any kind of anything I want. And, whatever I want, it's here. Everywhere else I've lived in the world they almost NEVER have what I want. So, I make due with what they have."

    Yeah, we've got it good. But we won't, if we don't contend for it. We've got to make some wise moves in the next few years, or we certainly will be so beholden to others that THEY can direct our fate.

    Heck, we may already be. But, we've got to hope that we're not so far down the path of dependence that we can't reclaim our independence.

    Good post, man. Really good. Good food for thought.