Notes from My Edge

1. It is terribly difficult to receive a DUI if you do not drink.

2. Abortion kills a human baby. But I don't want the Federal Government involved in the decision between a woman and her doctor.

3. People who go to church regularly commit fewer crimes than those who don't. At least a couple of hours a week they are in church. DUH!

4. Raising taxes on corporations only makes things more expensive.

5. Obama is an idiot. (This is not true, he is one scary dude because of his beliefs)

6. The United States of America has the highest standard of living on the planet.

7. Socialism is BAD.

8. Profit is GOOD.

9. Minimally HALF of all people are stupid. I am not a part of that half and you are, so there.

10. Life is hard but it is harder if you do stupid things.

11. Spending your money is easier than spending mine.

12. Everyone having a million dollars is a lot like everyone having Zero dollars.

13. Either you want the constitution to be exactly what it says or you don't. You can't have it both ways. The Bill of Rights doesn't say pick and choose, pick and choose. I personally want a little wiggle room but congress thinks that means the limbo.


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