Garage Door Opening

The new doors I purchased to replace the door on Barb's side of the garage included a complete system. I thought all I needed to replace was just the doors. I had no idea that the new doors were so different. When I got the doors off, I realized that one of the tracks was pretty bent and I replaced half of the track. Should have just took it all out and started from a new opening. It took me the better part of three hours to adjust the door to fit.

I was able to use the existing spring opener at the top of that door and I put the new opener on the middle door. Never did I even begin to realize how complicated the new spring openers are. It is a spring that winds up inside a tube. There is little danger of the spring breaking and hurting anything, just the danger of not knowing how to read and installing it wrong. My ability to read in a hot garage is just above the third grade level. Not to mention climbing up and down the ladder just killed my legs. Barb came out and demanded I stop when it hit 98 degrees. Man did a shower and a nap feel great. Almost as good as a cold beer but alas, I have given up on that vice.




  1. Hey! MUD, ain't it great to have a wife that worries about you even more than you worry about yourself.

    I was worried that it was one of those leaf spring deals...I had one of those on a garage back in the '80s...the kind that will kill ya' if you don't know what the heck you're doing.

    Glad you're taking a load off. That job will be waiting for you when the wheels air back up.

  2. Man, I am so glad that I do not have garage doors.