Obit Picture

As I read the paper each day, I always read the obituaries to make sure that I am not in there. I always cracks me up when I see the pictures people choose for their Obits. Let me start here as about the earliest picture I have of me. Too young? Moving on...

How about my High School senior Picture? Nice smile, been in the sun a lot and the hair was bleached almost blond. Long before glasses and grey hair. Too Young?

One of my favorites was the picture taken in 1966 of Private petty at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I may look skinny but I promise you I was one tough kid and run a mile in 6 minutes in combat boots.

This is probably about 1975 or 76 and in a command photo from when I commanded a battery in the National Guard. Working in an office just confirmed that I needed glasses. Still not fat, but starting to have that first signs of a double chin.

Finally this was taken early this spring when I still had the billy goat whiskers. I think this probably looks like me and if I were to die in the not too distant future would be my choice.

No, I don't have any plans to die soon and I am going to try to live right up until I die. I just thought the adventure would be fun.


  1. It is funny that the hair is pretty much the same in the first and last photos.

  2. That is a great baby photo! Is it possible it says something about your general innate disposition?;o) They're all good pics, though. If it were me, I think I'd pick the first photo because it would make people laugh. Sadness and grief are inevitable with death, and it might be nice to lighten the mood and give people something to smile about.