Strange Thing

Somewhere between my desire to not pay someone to do work I might be capable of doing and that little voice that tells me something is wrong, I kept my tractor home to work on. Today I read in the paper that the repair shop I would have used was shut down by the State Revenue Service for not paying their withheld taxes. I guess that if they had said they carried Onan parts, I might have hauled the tractor there. Oh well. I will make a run over to the Onan Dealer in KC after the airport run.

When I went out to get the paper this morning, the first inkling of fall is in the air. It isn't cold, only cool. After a week of 100 degrees it is a nice change. The thing that makes it even nicer is the coating of dew on the grass. It reminds me that while it does get hot in Kansas, it also gets cold, bone freezing cold for a few months in the winter. I guess I love it here because of the four true seasons so I won't complain, at least too loudly for now.

Dave and I are working on downloading some of my old CD collection to my I-Phone. For some reason a download from Apple crashed last night and we will have to work on that tonight. I found the music from Cocktail and forgot how much I enjoyed the music. I also have a CD from Miami Vice and the drum line on that music also is pretty nice. I hope to get that and the Beatles on my I-Phone. I think there is a two CD version of "Tommy" that still rocks me if I can find it.

I think that some of my music is in the truck but I'm not sure. Life is like that for me. I have so many new irons in the fire that sometimes I can't seem to find the old things. Barb thinks that most of the newer irons are piled in the garage. We both need to make an effort to clean up and clear out some of the clutter. I would hate to have a discussion about who has the most crap in the storage room. Yes, the garage is almost entirely my domain so I'll accept the blame/responsibility for my half. (More like 2/3rds)

The Reimers are en route here for a trip to the Airport. It is always nice to have them safe here in the US for a visit. It is always nice to see how the girls have matured from year to year. I am not sure how much Julie and Gerald realize that they are such great parents and the girls are on the road to becoming such great people. We met them and their church group at the park last Saturday night and it was great to see the girls find a new bunch of children to play with. They blended in with the other little boys and girls. It was tough to realize that they speak three languages and could blend in in three languages and a bunch of countries. Yes, Mean Uncle Denny hardly never didn't blend in with about any group of kids, but mostly I was limited to whatever version of English we used. A lot of our play was either War or Sports speak. I'm sure that we could swear with the worst of them and it is only fortunate that I never really learned to spit without drooling.

Last night I had smashed watermelon. Barb said she turned her back only long enough to grab a knife and it rolled off the counter and went splat on the floor. Busted that sucker up as bad as a car wreck. Tasted pretty good but no longer was a firm chew. It was like someone crossed a watermelon with jell-o. I did make a mistake and eat it about 9 PM and was up and down most of the night downloading excess fluids. You would think at 63 year old would know better but I swear that Watermelon was just calling, "Dennis, eat me!" That's my story and I'm sticking to it...


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