Life at the Bottom of the Column

I really don't pay much attention to what the Horoscope says, but as a Leo, my horoscope fell from the top of the list to the bottom. All year long I have watched Leo raise to the top only to see it today be at the bottom of the column. It kind of reminded me that my career was a lot like that. All my life I worked hard to get as high up on the list as I could only to find that in retirement, I have found myself at the bottom of the list. I am for one, glad that my life hasn't fallen off the list altogether but it wouldn't make a ripple in the water compared to the flow of an ocean.

No, I'm not depressed, angry or even feeling sorry for myself. I have had my three cups of coffee, played fetch with Taco and find myself looking here at the reality of this screen. I find myself glad that my watch has a calendar so I can compare the day of the week with the actual date. Our month is kind of like that horoscope list, it ebbs and flows each month. For a lot of people, the ebb and flow is probably based on $ but for Barb and I not so much. After facing our insurance bill, Dave Tuition and our normal bills, there has been a great deal of outgo this month but nothing we can't cash flow out. I predict that at the end of the month we will have enough money to eat for the next month and then some.

If you are a regular reader, you probably have seen me write about Elderhostel. It is now called Road Scholar to indicate that they will take you "On the Road" and give you the opportunity to learn something. I am not so much in need of book learning as much as I love the opportunity to practice the art of Photography in places I normally don't see. I did notice that the schedule for our workshop includes one evening photo session followed by an early morning shoot. One of the instructors indicated that it is not just location but time for getting the real glorious shots.

Yesterday as an adventure Barb and I traveled to Fort Leavenworth. It was a trip to the big PX and a chance to see what the Army has to offer. Barb was pretty amazed that the prices in the PX were about what you would find at WalMart. We got a pretty good deal on a small back pack that was about half price. It is just right to carry the camera gear we will use on our trip. I has the ability to roll on wheels or be a back pack. At $20.00 it was a great deal when compared to the big packs that are near IR proof (Whatever that does) starting at $150.00.

As we drove up and back to Fort Leavenworth we went across North East Kansas in a pretty helter skelter manner. There were no Interstate roads for the kid. We had the Garmin Nuvi turned on but not in charge of the route. I navigated mostly by compass and the sun. Going to Leavenworth it was go east and north and coming home south and west. Mostly it was drive through NE Kansas rolling hills and crop lands and see some beautiful green vistas. We expect to be in land where green won't be predominant next month. In fact, brown rocks and golden sand will be more the colors of the terrain.

Oh well, I have gone from a slightly down subject to trying to wax poetically so it must be time to quit. have a great week out there.


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  1. Good post, MUD. Life at the bottom of the column...I like the analogy (if that's the right word for it).

    And, I am extremely envious of your upcoming trip. It is an astounding sight.

    You have a great week, too Pal!