Dave Said and Denny Added

Earl Petty WWI
The picture has nothing to do with the following. Just thought you might like to see a picture that until today I had never seen. It is my dad's, dad.

Dave Ramsey Quotes; Petty Corollary
1. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is a good definition of insanity. Unless you are crazy and then you won't notice.

2. What you drive means nothing more than you have transportation. The best kind of transportation is the paid for kind. But new means a lot less maintenance but you'll have to let the dealership do the work.

3. Would you fire yourself if you were a corporation and in charge of the finances? Now call me crazy but this almost doesn't make sense. I would make myself one of those golden parachutes and bail out of that sucker.

4. The leading causes of divorce is financial problems. The second leading cause is in-laws. And that is followed closely with religion. I wonder who asks these stupid questions. If you think we aren't willing to pay any price for freedom, you haven't seen the Tiger Woods Divorce settlement.

5. The road to success in life includes making good decisions, having a good education and working hard. My mother said happiness is wanting what you have not getting what you want. (Petty Bonus)

6. Having the paid off mortgage is the BMW of the smart crowd. If you have any doubt, see number 2 above. But we all want a red convertible in our hearts of hearts.

7. Live today like no one else so you can live tomorrow like no one else. This is great if you like rice and beans, beans and rice. Throw in a little shrimp, some sausage and some okra and you have something - gumbo.

8. Do you have a budget? If you are in debt, try to live on beans and rice, rice and beans. It isn't the beans and rice that gets expensive. It is traveling to New Orleans that is expensive.

9. If you cash in your retirement funds to get out of debt, it is like taking out a loan at 35%. Would you do that? Didn't think so. Hell, I know people that have credit cards at 28% and have big balances.

10. When you are broke, things will happen to stress your finances. That is not a when, they will happen. If you are almost too broke to buy a house, don't. You wouldn't buy a bike for an infant would you? As soon as you do, something will break. A hot water heater, a roof leak or a furnace failure. But who wants to live outside in the rain, cold and snow.

11. The words I say are not new. They were first said by God and grandma. And added to by MUD. Man I do love that Dave Ramsey show where those people shout, "I'm Debt Free!"


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