Started my day right - Now, not so much

I got up early and started the day by working on paperwork for the estate. I have three piles of paper spread out and after making copies for about an hour, the printer cartridge went empty. I moved on to cleaning out the coffee pot and now the house smells like vinegar not coffee. When Barb woke up, I loaded the bikes up for a trip to the lake. We did about 8 miles in less than 35 minutes and then went to Walmart for the ink cartridge. Now, I need a shower and perhaps after a snack a slight nap. Well, at least the shower would help.

Today on the bike path, I was motoring across the Lake Shawnee Dam and breathed in one of those darn little gnats that bother old dogs in the summer. I tried to spit it out and all I managed to do at about 14 MPH was spit on myself. Dumb, damn gnats... Try saying that over and over. I will say that today was one of the better days for people minding their manners on the path. As a matter of fact, most of the people we saw also said hi in reply to my howdy. The sign said it was 94 degrees at 9:30. The weather bureau says is is just 91 about an hour and a half later. Some one's thermometer is wrong.

Better get back to work.


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  1. Eight miles in 35 minutes. You do not have enough time to say "Howdy" going that fast. That is almost 14 mph if my head math is right.