Garage Door Blues

Did I tell you that in spite of having enough money to live like no one else, I am about the cheapest bastard when it comes to paying someone to do work for me. In August, I will cut up a tree that has fallen down and replace my own garage door. Both involve hard work and sweat like no tomorrow if done in Kansas. Close up a garage in the middle of the day and it will roast you body like no tomorrow. Sure, save the $300 fee and see what that will get you. Try to use the old track and see how different the two doors really are. Yes, I'll have to go out today and do some major adjustments on the old track side or start over and replace it. Who knows what I'll do until I get out there and start the project.

Better get to sweating. Have a great day. Did I mention that after sweating about three gallons of water, my blood pressure was only 118 over 78? Either I need to do more or less.

Also Happy Birthday to our friend Julie.


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  1. Mud, face it, you and I are a dying breed. About the only thing that I even consider subbing out is sewage line work, simply because I do not like swimming in poop.