Yes ToTo, We Are in Kansas

After a 90+ day in the garage, I think I'll take it a little easy today. After about 5 hours, my legs got rubbery (Like rubber) when I jumped down off a ladder. I didn't fall down but it was close. The new door is on and working fine. I am going to replace the spring mechanism at the top of the door on the center door next. Tomorrow.

About 5 PM yesterday I decided to make a run to Walmart. Here at Rabbit Run it was in the 90's and there was a slight breeze. At Walmart the parking lot had to be somewhere about 110 and the store blocked any form of breeze. I could not believe the difference.

this morning on TV, Samantha Brown is taking us on a tour of Viet Nam. She is in Hanoi and not many of us have any frame of reference. I did make it to Saigon once but I didn't get to spend much time there. My real frame of reference is the Central Highlands with it's jungles.
I love to eat the food cooked to the US standards but didn't eat much that wasn't produced in the US while overseas. I guess I have a thing about the people that handle/prepare the food and handle money without a place to wash their hands.

Oh well, have a great day.


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  1. You're a braver man than I am, MUD. I've got those regular long springs that run up each side of the doors in my garage, and I've replaced a couple of those.

    But that other type spooks me. One of our State Representatives here was messing with his, and darn near got killed. If it's the type I'm thinking of, you be careful, pal.